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Speech & Communication Development Classes

“Speech, language and communication underpins everything we do in life. Babbling babies do not become talkative toddlers by chance. Communication is a skill that we learn and develop and is something we can all improve” (www.hello.org.uk)

Research shows that children starting school with delayed spoken language skills are unable to access the curriculum fully and consequently are at high risk of developing behavioural difficulties and low self esteem. In the long term they are more likely to leave school without the necessary qualifications to gain employment*

Children are born with the desire to communicate but they need adults to nurture this desire. The best time to do this is from birth to 3 years. First expressions classes target children aged 9 months to 3 years. They encourage early speech, language and communication skills in a fun, relaxed atmosphere to help children grow into confident communicators.


I can visit your pre school or nursery to deliver first expressions classes alongside your staff. They will be actively involved in using strategies to stimulate language in a natural, non pressured way so that it’s fun for adult and child and becomes second nature when interacting with children in your setting. All classes are accompanied by advice sheets which enable settings to actively promote speech and language development within daily routines and encourage development through the communication, language and literacy area of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Classes follow the same structure each week to create familiarity but have different weekly themes to maintain variety. Classes target:

  • Eye contact                 
  • Imitation
  • Attention and Listening
  • Turn taking
  • Anticipation
  • Initiation
  • Early sounds
  • Vocabulary development
  • Linking words together


I have a special interest in early intervention and preventative intervention. The following link takes you to an article I have had published regarding my work in this field http://www.speechmag.com/content/files/SALTiPSpr08NBrooke.pdf

*Letts, C. And Hall, E. (2003) ‘Exploring early years professionals’ knowledge about speech and language development and impairment’, Child Language Teaching and Therapy 19 (2), pp.211-229.